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A podcast by Rachael Wonderlin.

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Dec 21, 2020

When it comes to dementia care, so much is up in the air this time of year. Corona Virus has certainly added a unique twist and added dimension for us to all live with, and manage. When it comes to the holidays, what will this year's festivities and traditions look like? We want things to be perfect. Right? But is this even realistic? We will address guilt and feelings that the holidays can bring upon us. After this podcast episode, I hope you will feel empowered to say NO. I will cover three ways to help and provide tools you will need to help manage the stress and emotions of our holiday season. Sometimes our expectations don't live up to our reality. What now? Listen in and will walk through this dementia care topic.  My audiobook is a great addition to have in your journey with dementia care. You can purchase it here at 

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